Behavioral Support

Based on cutting-edge behavior change science and developed with leading experts from the Mayo Clinic and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, our integrated mobile coaching app is key to long-term smoking cessation

Chrono’s wearable device has a “Crave” button. Pushing it discreetly records the craving and triggers immediate ‘just-in-time’ coaching, delivered via the app, to help the smoker get through the craving without smoking.

Clinically validated coaching that works

A clinically validated curriculum teaches the important skills needed to quit smoking for good. Delivered through weekly interactive lessons, quitters learn behavioral and cognitive strategies for managing and resisting cravings, avoiding cues to smoke, and reframing how they think about one of the toughest behavior changes a person can take on.

Insights and patterns to help you adjust

Recorded cravings are displayed on the cravings graph. The quitter can add details such as strength of craving, associated feelings and what was happening when the craving hit. Over time, patterns emerge to help the quitter better understand when he or she is mostly likely to slip up. The App then provides increasingly tailored strategies to help each quitter cope with individual challenges. 

Personal motivation to keep you on track

With a Bluetooth connection to the device, our App knows what is happening with the device's nicotine delivery at any given time. The App sends motivational messages and timely reminders to help quitters stay on track with the NRT therapy, arming them with the knowledge and confidence that they are getting the support they need to overcome their addiction.