Daily Use and Compliance Measurement

Our nicotine delivery device is lightweight, comfortable and discreet: so quitters can wear it no matter what they’re doing and always receive the medication they need.  Each adhesive-lined cartridge allows for 24 hours of uninterrupted wear.


By establishing a regular pattern of bedtime cartridge changes and measuring the quitter's daily use of the device, our platform collects continuous data on the quitter's adherence to the cessation program, which can be used to inform the quitter's care team and further tailor treatment. 

Comfortable and discreet
Wear it how you want to
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Stepping down made easy

Our smoking cessation program takes place over 10 weeks and is a step down program. Most quitters will begin with the highest strength of nicotine (21mg) and step down, over 10 weeks, to the lowest strength (7mg) until they are ready to be nicotine free.

The nicotine delivery device makes stepping down simple by color-coding the level of nicotine, and matching that to the quitter's progress charts in the paired behavioral support mobile application.


Bluetooth communication between the device and smartphone means that data is always there when it’s needed, and the system can provide timely, personalized reminders to help the quitter stay on track. 

Real-time device status

At a glance, the quitter can see the status of his or her device and if it's delivering nicotine or if it's time to insert a fresh cartridge. And, at the quitter’s discretion, updates can be sent to loved ones and the care team for added encouragement.