Compliance Measurements

Chrono helps quitters stick with the 10 weeks it takes to quit smoking. By establishing a regular pattern of bedtime cartridge changes and continuously measuring nicotine usage to tailor interventions and inform the quitter’s care team, this is a smoking cessation program that gets quitters the support they need every step of the way.

The nicotine wearable is lightweight, comfortable and discreet, so quitters can wear it no matter what they’re doing and always receive the medication they need. Each cartridge plus adhesive allows for 24 hours of uninterrupted wear.

Most quitters will begin with the highest strength of nicotine and step down, over 10 weeks, to the lowest strength until they are ready to be nicotine free.

Bluetooth communication between the wearable and mobile phone means that data is always there when it’s needed, and the system can provide the reminders a quitter needs to stay on track. And, at the quitter’s discretion, updates can be sent to loved ones and the care team for added encouragement.