Data Analytics

With detailed data on nicotine delivery and quitters’ usage of the wearable and app, we are poised to advance the science of smoking cessation by developing increasingly intelligent nicotine delivery and coaching algorithms based on what works best for quitters.

Finally, our platform allows us to make aggregate de-identified data available, in a HIPAA compliant manner, to third parties for administration of smoking cessation treatment, programs and benefits. 

The Science

Smoking cessation experts have proven that combination therapy substantially increases the probability of quitting, but the regimen is difficult for most quitters to maintain through the quit process. Our device's automatic delivery of nicotine, timed to predictable patterns of peak cravings and the quitter's wake up time, lessens the burden on quitters to administer the right combination of nicotine at precisely the right time, allowing them to focus on quitting for good.

Early clinical trials have shown that our nicotine delivery device significantly reduces cravings. Preparations are underway for large Phase 2 efficacy studies. Check back soon for more updates on our clinical program.

Our nicotine delivery approach is based on the deep evidence behind 'combination therapy' (e.g. using the nicotine patch and nicotine gum simultaneously at peak craving times). 

Integrating a smart digital coaching mobile app that leverages the best in behavioral science with a new and adjustable method to deliver nicotine replacement therapy has the potential to save many thousands of lives by providing new hope and support to people struggling to become tobacco free.
— Dr. Michael V. Burke, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Mayo School of Medicine and Program Coordinator at the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center