Quit smoking. Finally.*

These tools help quitters understand, manage, and overcome both physiological cravings caused by nicotine addiction and psychological cravings triggered by everyday occurrences such as stress, being around other smokers, or simply having a cup of coffee.

Most smoking cessation products treat all smokers the same without regard to individuals’ craving patterns, stressors, and smoking routines. We're taking a new approach with a truly comprehensive collection of personalized medication and behavioral tools that work seamlessly together over a 10-week program to help smokers quit. 

* We are currently in Phase 2 clinical trials and pending submission to the FDA. Please check back for updates.

Biologically-Timed Drug Delivery

Cravings to smoke typically follow a regular daily pattern with the strongest cravings first thing in the morning and after meals.

Chrono proactively delivers transdermal nicotine timed to when cravings are strongest to minimize the unpleasant symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and allow smokers to focus on becoming ex-smokers.

Morning cravings are strong: 75% of smokers have their first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up. Chrono is the first nicotine replacement therapy to solve the morning craving by providing support before the craving strikes. The system is worn overnight and programmed to the quitter's wake up time, so it can start delivering nicotine before he or she wakes for the day. 

Throughout the rest of the day, we reduce cravings by delivering more nicotine when cravings are predicted to be the strongest and slips are most likely to occur, first thing in the morning and after meals for most smokers. And nicotine support continues into the evening to support quitters even if they're out on the town or craving a late night cigarette.

Between peaks, quitters receive a smaller but steady flow of nicotine, which keeps withdrawal symptoms at bay without prolonging nicotine dependency.

Daily Use and Compliance Measurement

Our nicotine delivery device is lightweight, comfortable and discreet: so quitters can wear it no matter what they’re doing and always receive the medication they need.  Each adhesive-lined cartridge allows for 24 hours of uninterrupted wear.


By establishing a regular pattern of bedtime cartridge changes and measuring the quitter's daily use of the device, our platform collects continuous data on the quitter's adherence to the cessation program, which can be used to inform the quitter's care team and further tailor treatment. 

Comfortable and discreet
Wear it how you want to
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Stepping down made easy

Our smoking cessation program takes place over 10 weeks and is a step down program. Most quitters will begin with the highest strength of nicotine (21mg) and step down, over 10 weeks, to the lowest strength (7mg) until they are ready to be nicotine free.

The nicotine delivery device makes stepping down simple by color-coding the level of nicotine, and matching that to the quitter's progress charts in the paired behavioral support mobile application.


Bluetooth communication between the device and smartphone means that data is always there when it’s needed, and the system can provide timely, personalized reminders to help the quitter stay on track. 

Real-time device status

At a glance, the quitter can see the status of his or her device and if it's delivering nicotine or if it's time to insert a fresh cartridge. And, at the quitter’s discretion, updates can be sent to loved ones and the care team for added encouragement.


Behavioral Support

Based on cutting-edge behavior change science and developed with leading experts from the Mayo Clinic and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, our integrated mobile coaching app is key to long-term smoking cessation

Chrono’s wearable device has a “Crave” button. Pushing it discreetly records the craving and triggers immediate ‘just-in-time’ coaching, delivered via the app, to help the smoker get through the craving without smoking.

Clinically validated coaching that works

A clinically validated curriculum teaches the important skills needed to quit smoking for good. Delivered through weekly interactive lessons, quitters learn behavioral and cognitive strategies for managing and resisting cravings, avoiding cues to smoke, and reframing how they think about one of the toughest behavior changes a person can take on.

Insights and patterns to help you adjust

Recorded cravings are displayed on the cravings graph. The quitter can add details such as strength of craving, associated feelings and what was happening when the craving hit. Over time, patterns emerge to help the quitter better understand when he or she is mostly likely to slip up. The App then provides increasingly tailored strategies to help each quitter cope with individual challenges. 

Personal motivation to keep you on track

With a Bluetooth connection to the device, our App knows what is happening with the device's nicotine delivery at any given time. The App sends motivational messages and timely reminders to help quitters stay on track with the NRT therapy, arming them with the knowledge and confidence that they are getting the support they need to overcome their addiction.


Data Analytics

With detailed data on nicotine delivery and quitters’ usage of the wearable and app, we are poised to advance the science of smoking cessation by developing increasingly intelligent nicotine delivery and coaching algorithms based on what works best for quitters.

Finally, our platform allows us to make aggregate de-identified data available, in a HIPAA compliant manner, to third parties for administration of smoking cessation treatment, programs and benefits. 

The Science

Smoking cessation experts have proven that combination therapy substantially increases the probability of quitting, but the regimen is difficult for most quitters to maintain through the quit process. Our device's automatic delivery of nicotine, timed to predictable patterns of peak cravings and the quitter's wake up time, lessens the burden on quitters to administer the right combination of nicotine at precisely the right time, allowing them to focus on quitting for good.

Early clinical trials have shown that our nicotine delivery device significantly reduces cravings. Preparations are underway for large Phase 2 efficacy studies. Check back soon for more updates on our clinical program.

Our nicotine delivery approach is based on the deep evidence behind 'combination therapy' (e.g. using the nicotine patch and nicotine gum simultaneously at peak craving times). 

Integrating a smart digital coaching mobile app that leverages the best in behavioral science with a new and adjustable method to deliver nicotine replacement therapy has the potential to save many thousands of lives by providing new hope and support to people struggling to become tobacco free.
— Dr. Michael V. Burke, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Mayo School of Medicine and Program Coordinator at the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center